Accelerating Resilient Infrastructure in SIDS - IRIS Call for Proposals

  Nov 17, 2022 |   9:00 AM - 9:45 AM EET |   UNFCCC Pavilion

Session Partner: Infrastructure for Resilient Island States

CDRI with support from member countries, organizations and SIDS representatives launched IRIS at the World Leaders Summit at COP26. In the inception period, CDRI has been in continued engagements with SIDS stakeholders from the Pacific, Caribbean and Indian Ocean regions to understand the infrastructure priorities, challenges and opportunities for resilient infrastructure in the island nations. As a result, several areas of interest have emerged in line with the demands and requests of SIDS for resilient infrastructure. To integrate these requests a ‘Call for proposals’ has been designed to channel support in SIDS through projects based on key themes. The IRIS vision has also been co-created with SIDS stakeholders through the regional consultations and government engagements to ensure it is responsive to the specific needs of SIDS.

Against this backdrop, to present the IRIS vision and announce the first ‘Call for Proposals’ a session is planned at COP27. The session will focus on the IRIS vision 2022-2030 and reflect on the key enabling factors that will facilitate the implementation of the IRIS projects under the first ‘Call for Proposals’.