What we did at COP26

The COP26 UN Climate Change Conference was hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy, from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, UK. World leaders, activists, negotiators, government representatives, businesses, and representatives from all segments of society were present for the summit. The summit had an in-person attendance of over 30,000 delegates from across the world and many more participating virtually.

One of the key outcomes from COP26 was the adoption of the Glasgow Climate Pact that aims to turn the 2020s into a decade of climate action and support. Among the package of decisions, the pact includes strengthening efforts to build resilience to climate change. Nations also finalized the “rulebook” for the 2015 Paris Agreement.

CDRI’s participation at COP26 was essential to position resilience of infrastructure as instrumental in achieving climate mitigation and adaptation goals. CDRI engaged with countries which included the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Fiji and organizations such as the European Union (EU), InsuResilience Global Partnership (IGP), Coalition for Climate Resilient Infrastructure (CCRI), Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC), Resilience Shift, among others to deliberate and promote the action, policy, dialogue on resilience of infrastructure.

COP26 provided a platform to CDRI to showcase its activities and sustained commitment to build momentum for resilient infrastructure development to an international audience.

CDRI’s programme at COP26 included: One Summit-level event, three High-level dialogues, two Technical Dialogues, and multiple speaking roles at the dialogues and events of partners, collaborators and stakeholders. These sessions were spread across the Blue zone and the Resilience Hub. Read more about our COP26 engagement here: https://cop26.cdri.world